Five Questions for Erang

Erang is one of the more prominent, and prolific, artists in the ever-expanding labyrinth of dungeon synth music. There are plenty of interviews available online (an archive of them can be found on his official website), but even so we thought it worthwhile to offer our readers an introduction to the Lord of the Land of the Five Seasons. Five questions had to do, but we got five pretty excellent answers and feel rather good about the whole thing. Hope you do too.

Introduce Erang to someone who has no clue. How does it sound, and why?
Erang is me and I am Erang. He is the shadow of a ghost: the last gleam of days that no longer exist, forever lost… This is a place as well – a Kingdom in the Land of the Five Seasons that nobody knows and where I’ll never go back. The flow of Time is always cruel. Until now I’ve expressed these memories and told the stories of the Land of the Five Seasons mostly through music and some drawings and poems. As for the sounds I use in my music they are old and dusty, raw and sincere… My songs are echoes from a past that never was.

Parallel to composing, recording and releasing your music you’ve also created a Fantasy world of sorts, complete with a history divided into several eras. I also understand there is an online community connected to all of this. Please explain what’s going on here.
To be precise, my music and world is divided into several “Ages”, but to me, this is not a “Fantasy” world. It’s as real as the air I breathe.

The different Ages go like this:
The First, the Second and the Third Ages (from Tome I to Tome X)
Then there are the Lost Ages (from Land of the Five Seasons to King of Nothing, Slave to No One)
Now we are into the Last Ages (started with ANTI FUTURE and SONGS of SCARS)

All my music and albums take place within the Land of the Five Seasons. There are many places and characters such as the Drunken Tyrant, the Stone Giant, the Lonely Mad Man or the Village of Lobrok, the Steppes of Kolm, the Kingdom of Erang or the Kingdom of Amang, the Enchanted Woods of Mayoo etc. My music is mostly instrumental, but through the titles and sometimes inside the songs (with spoken words or sound fx, etc.) I’ve hidden many details and links between all those places and characters. Same things with my drawings and poems: you can find all of them on my website. If you look closely to the albums titles or the songs names, you’ll start to see a bigger plan and how everything is connected, but there are still many secrets to reveal. For instance how the magic “works” within the Land of the Five Seasons. I really want to tell stories from my Kingdom through other media. I’m already taking several notes for a book, but I don’t know if I’ll finish it one day.

On ANTI FUTURE you deviated from the dungeon synth genre, and did synthwave. Was it obvious that you would release this under the Erang moniker, or did you ever toy with the idea of starting a separate project?

It was totally obvious: ANTI FUTURE and its following SONGS OF SCARS, take place within the same world, the Land of the Five Seasons. It is just an alternate future, thousand years later, where everything went wrong and darkness rules… but timelines are blurred within this world… Time is a window…

What is your take on the current dungeon synth scene? Are there too many bands, too few? There have been some controversies online, as is necessary within microscopic scenes. Any thoughts?
Dungeon Synth is made by people and people are always the same, regardless of musical genre: some are nice, friendly and open-minded, others not so much or not at all. I don’t know what “too many” or “too few” bands means. Is there like a “sacred number” written in a “holy Dungeon Synth book” somewhere telling how many bands this musical genre should allow? Concerning the last part of your question I’ll share with you a very ancient and powerful secret: if someone makes music that I like, I listen to it. If I don’t like it, I don’t listen to it and forget about it. End of story.

What does the future – immediate and distant – hold for Erang?
As I make music every day of my life I can tell you that I’m currently writing new songs. They are much darker than some of my previous work. In some ways they remind me of Die Verbannten Kinder Evas, but don’t take that literally: my music has always evolved until the release of the album and those are only sketches of songs right now. One thing is for sure: this album will contain several revelations concerning the Land of the Five Seasons, because it will be the last album from the LAST AGES era. Maybe this will be the end of this huge cycle that started 5 years ago with Tome I

Thanks to you and a thousand thanks to the people who follow me and appreciate my music: the Kingdom is ours!

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