Necrosis – Mythogenesis

Denmark is the land of decent beer, red sausage and one of my favorite underground one-shot black metal projects of all time: Yggtyrhyrkkh Hin Dystre. When it comes to extreme metal this Scandinavian peninsula has never been in the forefront, but always produced at least a handful of bands of superior quality in any given genre. Necrosis is one of two Danish bands utilizing that name, and death metal is their game. They’ve been around for ten years, during which time they’ve produced one EP (in 2013) and now this self-released full length.

Generally, this is best described as old school death metal of a Scandinavian type. The somewhat overlooked Swedish band Seance, and especially Saltrubbed Eyes, springs to mind quite quickly on tracks like “Amicable Decadence”, even though more traditional comparisons like early Entombed and Morbid Angel can also be made. The more punky roots of death metal shine through on many a D-beat driven part, and while there are blast beats, the tempo is largely on the mid paced and occasionally slower side. The vocals are primarily growling, with some higher screeching, but even with the aforementioned grinding and even punk like strains, this rarely feels like grindcore. Which is a good thing in this reviewer’s book.

For an album that doesn’t aim to push the envelope of its genre, Mythogenesis is really a pretty diverse experience. “Forced Metabolic Convalescence” is a heavy, almost groovy piece, while “The Magnitude of Sovereignty” burns your side burns off with comparatively break neck speed and brutal riffing. An additional feature is the production. This is a self-released album, and even if mixing and mastering has been done by a professional, it still sounds slightly less “done to the nth degree” than many death metal albums these days. That is not to say that the production is in any way lacking – in fact, this would have been top of the line in the 90’s – but there are some rough edges and level variations that actually make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Necrosis should have a comparatively bright future on the international death metal stage. Anyone who gets the point of guttural vocals over double kick drums and malicious sounding riffing is sure to get Mythogenesis. The album is available as a digital download from the band’s Bandcamp page.

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