Desecresy – The Mortal Horizon

Some seven years ago, from the ashes of the Finnish old-school death metal band Slugathor, Desecresy was born. With a google-savvy band name like that (Desecresy isn’t actually an English word, or really a word at all), it would make sense for these guys to go far, even though at this point “they” have shrunk to one single member: the venerable Tommi Grönqvist. Fully armed with a logo and style that oozes late 80’s/early 90’s death and thrash, the latest album produced by this Helsinkian hellraiser satisfies expectations as well as surprises.

The Mortal Horizon is the crushing product of a number of components working together to accomplish something pretty great. At the album’s core we find extremely drop tuned strings, with sludgy drums and unbelievably deep, grunting growls to boot. The very first band to appear before my Third Ear upon hearing the initial brutality of this album was Japanese experimental grind gods Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ and their earliest material. This fundament of grubby, grueling, heavy filth, however, is accompanied by an almost uninterrupted stream of excellent, Scandinavian death metal style lead guitar lines. Constantly working the various minor scales available enables Herra Grönqvist to summon an atmosphere of darkness and death, while creating an excellent contrast to the more primordial primitivism underlying the melodies. “More than the sum of its parts” is such a terrible cliche that I almost want to vomit using it, but it applies very much here. The combination of the brutal heaviness and sound of gore infested grindcore (without any actual core what so ever) with death metal melodies is irresistible. Chics are bound to swoon upon hearing this.

The song titles add flavor too, being strange and suggestive rather than in-your face. “Atrophoid”, “Percussive Necromancy” and “Telekinetic Ignition” are just a few examples. As has already been suggested, the production is raw and somewhat murky – exactly the type of sound an album like this needs to fully work its magic. Desecresy’s heavy, dirty, old-school and oddly intellectual music and image is as refreshing as it is oddly comforting. While not the cleanest and most accessible album, The Mortal Horizon is the type of record you can just let spin again and again in your headphones or on your stereo – you’ll discover something new each time.

The album is out on August the 12th (pre-order available already from Xtreem), and if you’re into real death metal you should be vitun excited about it.

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