Lunar Lemur – Gas Sculptures

In a park somewhere, dressed in a lemur suit, wearing headphones and wielding a lap-top, sits what may or may not be the main man responsible for Lunar Lemur. At least, this is the way things are depicted by the digital label and comics (!) website Trinket Trance. With several digital albums in his previous discography, including Meat Blob Groove Machine and debut The Indiscreet Art of Ass Puppetry, Gas Sculptures is Lunar Lemur’s latest offering.

On offer is a very textured, occasionally rhythmic, form of ambient. The music is constructed largely from non-synthetic sources which have been sampled and re purposed as ambient instruments, drones and percussion, and the result is rather interesting. It is hardly possible to detect any obvious influences here, but there is a distinctly Zen or at least East Asian feel to many drones and chimes. At other times the sound and atmosphere is very similar to Ildjarn-Nidhogg’s two-parter Hardangervidda, though this is more playful and random. A more mundane thought is that tracks like “Liquid Air” and “Brace Yourself Jupiter” could serve as soundtracks for an indie computer game, obviously one featuring plenty of surrealism and girls with large eyes.

Other songs are less accessible, but each of the 18 tracks has some discreet characteristic or bizarre charm. There’s a certain alchemical quality to the mixture and permutation of different sonic substances. This is sort of fitting, since Gas Sculptures is indeed conceptually based on aspects on a number of the chemical elements (more specifically, “the nobility of Argon, Oganesson, Xenon and Radon”) – alchemy being among other things the father of chemistry. The major impression here is “raw creativity”, with ideas and experiments spinning wildly around themselves in something that might be a tad too musical to be ambient, and a tad to ambient to be music.

Whether there are any physical labels ready to go head to head with the guy in the lemur suit is anyone’s guess – there are certain problems that may cause people to lose interest, and certain awesome things that may scare the weak and silly off. Either way, this would be great on vinyl. Until then, you can simply procure Gas Sculptures digitally at this Bandcamp page and enjoy some strange, strange music all night long.

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