VIDEO: Satyricon – Deep Calleth Upon Deep

Me being old and useless, I lost Satyricon somewhere around Rebel Extravaganza. I like terrible guitar fuzz, Nordic romanticism and lyrics about killing people with axes. I don’t like space, I don’t like fast cars and I don’t like “King”. Anyway, the first single from Satyricon’s upcoming album just dropped, and while the production is still a bit on the audible side for my tastes, “Deep Calleth Upon Deep” (also the title of the album, f.y.i.) is not half bad. In fact, it’s really quite great. When you view it in tandem with the lyrics video below, you get a sense of re-connection with some of the second wave black metal attitude – there’s even hints of folk in there somewhere. Since a new album with the Dark Medieval Times guitar sound is probably too much to ask, this is in fact a very nice surprise to all of us who are stuck in the 90’s in our black metal taste. It won’t scare away any new fans – it’s way too catchy and inspired for that – but might just regain a few old ones. Enjoy!

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