VIDEO: Gel-Sol – The Magician’s Sojourn

Gel-Sol is the name used by Seattle resident Andrew Reichel when he produces strange, krauty, synthty progressive rock. Having released things at somewhat irregular intervals since the early 2000s, his latest full-length Horse Head Bookends is now due for release in September on Verses Records (store pre-order, bandcamp pre-order).

“The Magician’s Sojourn” is a compelling piece of experimental synth rock, clearly inspired by old-school sci-fi film score music as well as any number of good ole synth, kraut and prog acts. The samples in the song could be seen as implying a certain general social criticism of mass communication culture or some-such, but not in any ham-fisted way. The video matches the music, as I’m sure you will agree – not just thematically, but also in the way the grainy old science fiction footage interplays with the dreaminess, funkiness and generally cosmic feeling of the song. Enjoy, dude!

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