Erdig – Hiob

Christian Dungeon Synth – who has ever heard of such a thing, and who could possibly be behind its latest audio manifestation (#1, #2, #3)? Despite its unclear origin, Erdig impresses with Hiob – a cassette tape full of a dungeon synth/dungeon noise blend, based on “biblical Theodicy, Old Testament and nature recordings”. The balance is tilted somewhat in favor of the synth rather than the noise, but a steady stream of field recordings from nature and city, rasping distortion and possible feedback loops is almost constantly flowing in the background or together with the simple but effective melodies.

The actual synth is very much inspired by first generation DS. Vaguely medieval melodies, performed utilizing simple synth sounds with no ambition to recreate or simulate physical instruments. The result is a little piece of magic. The noise usually acts more like additional cassette fuzz than an instrument unto itself, and the actual synth lines are often also somewhat distorted. To fans of the traditional tape who won’t be in time to buy this physically this is actually a boon – even the digital download version has a certain analog flair.

The titles are all theological in nature, and in German (the band moniker means something like “earthy”). To fully get the gist, you’d better brush up your school German, or what about titles like “Denn wir sind von gestern hier und wissen nichts; unser Leben ist ein Schatten auf Erden” (“For we are here [only] since yesterday; our life is a shadow upon a the earth”)? They obviously match the ascetic-monastic simplicity of the electronics and melodies perfectly.

Hiob is limited to 20 copies on great-looking tapes, on which a special tape-only version of the aforementioned track can be found. For the great unwashed masses too poor, slow or unmotivated to buy that, there is (of course) forgiveness in the form of a very reasonably priced digital download. Don’t miss out on this.

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