Forgotten Pathways Double LP out Soon!

Publishing pure release announcements is not a habit of Archaic Triad’s, but in this particular case an exception must be made. German Dunkelheit Produktionen are set to unleash something magnificent upon the world: a double LP re-release of Forgotten Pathways’ 1998 dungeon synth classic Shrouded in Mystery. While any Archaic Triad reader probably appreciates the excellence of Forgotten Pathways, it may be less obvious why we feel the need to publish this announcement. Why not just a review or some-such? Well, children, apart from the magnificence of the occasion and the release as such, there is also another perspective. The perspective of what the comparatively recently introduced Warhammer 40.000 race Tau would refer to as “the Greater Good”.

See, dungeon synth is a marvelous thing. Combining nostalgia with youthful esprit, shifting from minimalism and lo-fi to advanced compositions, spanning everything from lo-tech children’s synthesizers to state of the art VST pluginnery, dungeon synth has enormous potential. And that’s before we even start considering the myriad of themes, ideological experiments and poetic potential the genre has made manifest time and again. As long as the music remains digital, free and floating around on various fora, however, it simply won’t receive the sort of backbone an underground genre needs to stay afloat in the long term. Some may say this is wrong, that we don’t “get” the new age of sharing and making things eternal through the digital era, but all those people are 19 years old at most and don’t know anything. Free music and the internet has been around for many years now, and there is little to indicate that things without physical representation and proper (though perhaps small) labels ever reach the heights of “real” music. Getting some of the classics out on vinyl and starting to activate collectors, curators, nerds and pontificating genre elitists is just the ticket to get this show on the road for real.

Obviously, this is not about wealth and commercial success. The fact remains that when someone is ready to give up a few beers or some idiotic game from Steam to instead buy an artists music in a long-lasting, high quality format such as vinyl, you know the music is worth something. It’s not about Big Business, it’s just a matter of people putting their money where their mouth is.

All that aside, there is also a simpler argument for calling attention to this release: even though there has been the odd Dungeon Synth release on vinyl before, there have been way too few. If Shrouded in Mystery sells out quickly enough, thus showing that there is at least some kind of economy in making this type of releases, then we will see more dungeon synth released on professional physical formats. And I want my Einhorn 10″, my RævJäger CD box set and my Cernunnos Woods DLP. This is basic stuff, guys. Get with the program and support this release this instant. Preorder and preview at Dunkelheit Produktionen’s bandcamp.

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