Sonologyst – Apocalypse

Sonologyst is the dark ambient project of Raffaele Pezzella, the man behind, among many other things, the Unexplained Sounds Group and its sub-label Eighth Tower Records. The latter is also the label attached to Sonologyst’s latest album: a digital release entitled Apocalypse. Based on the concept of the world ending, cities emptying and filling up with sand, decay and… Well, apocalypse.

The general sound picture is bleak and somewhat minimalist. Think early Cyclic Law releases, but with a smattering of 70’s underground film score music. The basic pattern of foreboding drones and soft pads are complemented by more lively and strange synthesizer sounds, though they always form a small part of a mainly drone/dark ambient oriented sound structure and very rarely take the lead. Eerie voices and strange items of audio that may be field recordings also make appearances.

The concept is well reflected in the titles as well as the overall sound. “Stay in your Homes!” leaves little to the imagination, with a great sample from Omega Man (1971), as it becomes a sonic (and more serious) version of the spectacular Mitchell And Webb Look sketch series “The Quiz Show”. Other titles, such as “Global Threat”, “Abandoned City” and “Towers Of Sand” are equally clear in their overall description of a world gone down the toilet. This is very effective stuff!

If you feel up for experiencing the grim, post-apocalyptic future as it looked through the lens of a 1970’s film maker, or if you just can’t get enough of that sweet, dark ambient drone-o-rama, Apocalypse is quite the must-buy for you. It is available from The Eighth Tower for a mere 7 Euros.

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