Психогенная Боль – Напрасность

Long ago, almost before time began, terms like “harsh noise wall” or “wall noise” were used to describe intense and massive noise recordings. If anyone went ahead and described something like Treriksröset or Sewer Election, at least at their more intense, as “noise wall”, people would agree that this made sense. Genrefication has all but put a stop to that, as Vomir clones and online digital HNW factories have distilled the elements of experimental noise and re-written the rules. If we speak of noise walls today, we generally mean non-dynamic, unchanging and massive slabs of noise during which little happens.

Personally I feel somewhat conflicted about this development. I love sub-genres, their rigid definitions and the totalitarian urge to enforce their arbitrary boundaries as timeless truth – it makes me feel nostalgic and all fuzzy inside remembering the black metal 90’s. That being said, I also think the term “noise wall” almost by definition aptly describes several other styles than unchanging, distorted fuzz (great as such may be, and indeed is). It is therefore with some joy I notice that one of the biggest and greatest of the aforementioned HNW factories hasn’t closed the door to some wall noise of the old type – or, if you prefer the new lexicon: harsh noise, plain and simple. Психогенная Боль google translates into Psychogenic Pain, and perhaps that is what the project aims to cause (or alleviate?) in the listener.

What we’re talking here is very basic, very pure harsh noise. Feedback loops, distortion, fuzz and crunch. Not very layered, not very structured, but with a decent amount of diversity and a high energy level. To reconnect to two names dropped above, there is not here the finesse of Treriksröset, or the professional feel of Sewer Election, but there is a ton of brutal audio abuse nonetheless, and it is all eminently listenable to anyone who’s into this sort of stuff. Like me! Whether you’re relaxing to the choppy violence of “Пепел С Небес” (Ashes from Heaven), or rocking out with a drink to the pseudo-rhythmic feedback stylings of “Ядерный Шторм” (Nuclear Storm), you can’t really avoid feeling the fire.

Three lousy Euros will support the label and the artist, as well as purchase this digital album for you, but in their wholly unfounded love for their fellow men, Wall Noise Action also offer a link to an off-bandcamp HQ download of the album. Do as your conscience allows.

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