3D VIDEO: Samael – Hegemony

Samael is another band that has been around for a long time. They’ve helped make Swiss industrial black metal as well known as Swiss watches, Swiss cheese and Swiss highly ethical banking practices. For once, I don’t have much of an old-fart perspective to offer: obviously Ceremony of Opposites will always be a personal favorite (almost exclusively due to drunken, teenage sing-alongs to “Baphomet’s Throne” and “Flagellation”), but Samael somehow pulled off the transition to space and oddness far better than any of their Norwegian counterparts. Many of the latter, as is well known, had a horrible phase when they left the woods and Hardangervidda to dick around looking like sci-fi Marilyn Manson, but for Samael the whole geometry-astronomy thing always seemed to work. It still does. Whether the 3D-video gimmick thing is too gimmicky, or just another step in a logical evolution I leave up to you to decide. “Hegemony” is a great track either way. Enjoy!

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