Mitei Narico – Tinnitus

Mitei Narico is a Japanese noise artist/”experimental poet” who “rebuilds material recorded in various places and turns it into music”. His work is distributed mainly by himself through name-your-price digital releases on Bandcamp, apparently because noise labels these days have their heads up their bottoms.

With Tinnitus, released concurrently with another album entitled Hearing Loss, Narico has “rebuilt” is material in a very convincing way. Less noisy than Elimination of Ego, it still has a nice japanoise flavor, though exactly why that would be is difficult to put your finger on. It might have something to do with the treble laden, metallic and cold production constituting an excellent contrast against the organic and diverse field recorded sound sources.

The title might lead many an experimental music fan to expect an all-out, Killer Bug style assault on the eardrums, but Tinnitus is really far more subtle. The tracks are all just named after letters in the Western alphabet – from “a” to “j”, and the style could be described as a mix of industrial and ambient, with the aforementioned hint of harsh noise feeling. Truth be told, this recording might make more sense if you’re looking to soothe (incidentally the name of Mitei Narico’s “fictional” label) your tinnitus, than if you’re actively courting it.

Each track is unique and separate from the others. Obvious favorites for this reviewer would be “c” and the slightly heavier “e”, but the whole album works like a charm. Check it out, pay what your conscience demands (or, if you’re a dick, slightly more) and get it onto your portable music player a.s.a.p. You can do so here.

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