Valvan – Dissolver

The world of online Harsh Noise Wall is vast and beautiful. Valvan is an Ohio based project, I presume a one man such, which has produced a vast amount of said walls, and seems to be in the right swing of things these days. Dissolver was released today and contains 20 minutes of bootylicious, rootin’ tootin’ HNW.

Valvan’s discography is as diverse as it is digital (i.e. for the most part), and includes the multi faceted and violent harsh noise album The Hell Prepared For Me, which is absolutely splendid. Dissolver is also splendid, but of another type entirely. The closest reference, as so often when it comes to good online HNW, is Sleep Column with whom Valvan has released a split – great minds think alike, I assume. In other words we are talking about the somewhat bass dominated, crisp crunch of Vomir, but with a more chopped up and dynamic approach.

The basic distorted bass dominates the sound with regular undulations, as rasping mid-range and a smattering of fuzzy hi-end audio bordering on white noise fill out the spectrum. It is highly likely that this was recorded in one session – a matter of identifying the right settings on whatever equipment was used, and then letting the circuits do their thing with only careful and limited human intervention. The wall develops slowly as it moves along, with the noise gaining somewhat in intensity and urgency as the track chugs forward towards its inevitably abrupt (yet supremely brutal) conclusion. While the mass output of bands like Valvan may contribute to a certain devaluation of HNW as a genre, as long as the quality is this high I see no reason to lose any sleep.

At one buck this piece of smashing wall noise won’t break your monthly financials, even if it may break your ear drums. Go get it at Valvan’s Bandcamp.

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