Fåntratt – Tut i Luren + Huati Dinosaur Knight Planeswalker deck

Yesterday I reviewed some great, martial flavored dungeon synth and a Magic the Gathering bundle (and no, me or Archaic Triad were not payed by either entity). Today, as I sift through my Huati Dinosaur Knight premade deck, I’ve got another very recent dungeon synth release spinning in my Walkman. This time, it is music more obviously suited to the concept of adult males playing around with collectors cards featuring wizards and trolls.

Fåntratt, which means something like “prat” or “silly goose” in Swedish goes straight for the lo-fi DS jugular. The very organic, old-school keyboard melodies sound much like cheap black metal intros from the early 90’s – sometimes they feel composed and structured, at other times more like meandering improv. There are certainly some obscure fantasy/folklore/cheap demo tape vibes to be had for the discerning dungeon syntheneer/post hipster. The titles are overall in Swedish, but the only English language one is called “Radagast Rehab (Dungeon Spa Music)”, which should say something about the overall tone of the recording.

The tape is structured in such a way that the A-side contains songs in major key, while the B-side goes for minor. It’s not entirely obvious the whole time, but it is a neat and rather original idea. The obscure sound, the strange tone and the overall atmosphere incarnates a very particular, choice brand of dungeon synth which you either “get” or don’t like. It is, however, absolutely certain that this is music for Magic the Gathering. I purchased the Huati – Dinosaur Knight, despite the informed warnings from Tolarian Community College on the subject of planeswalker decks. I also got very lucky, and pulled another planeswalker as well as a number of other very welcome rares from one of the included extra booster packs. I’m still in a very casual place in my Magic the Gathering casual playing career, but I do see that this deck needs to be beefed up (or perhaps rather broken up and any relevant cards integrated in other decks) to really do much. Nevertheless, I am happy with my purchase.

Fåntratt is available on a pretty blue audio cassette from the project’s bandcamp page, and the Ixalan Huati – Dinosaur Knight is of course available at your local Magic the Gathering dealership. Both are recommended, especially combined – though seasoned dungeon synth listeners probably have more to gain from Tut i Luren than seasoned Magic collectors from the premade deck.

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