Akoustik Timbre Frekuency – Thee Essence Of Existence

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency have done no less than 17 releases on the weblabel Sombre Soniks. Despite this, the droning ceremony found on this album does not convey a sense of mass production, or any cookie cutter tendencies. Floating and trancelike, Thee Essence of Existence conveys the bells of eternity. It consists of one track lasting for fifty-two minutes, and if this won’t serve you well as a mental flotation device, nothing will.

While there is no doubt that this can be classified as dark ambient, the ritualistic nature of the drones and the stated purpose to “augment thee listener’s meditative and trance workings” places it somewhat outside the more austere versions of the genre. Most fans of non-rhythmic music, especially drone heads, should be able to relate quickly to the otherworldly sonic stream. There are little to no long-attack time synth chords utilized, but the fluctuating waves of sonic spirituality are generated through gongs, bells and singing bowls. Processed such, and augmented with synthesizers as well, but the overall result is very organic, as well as stimulating and dreamy.

The cover is similar to the cover of Arthur Avalon’s The Serpent Power (an excellent book on non-hippie Yoga, by the way), but it adds on a slightly psychedelic vibe, as well as uses two fonts – someone needs to call the layout department at Sombre Soniks a.s.a.p. All kidding aside, this is very effective stuff. An interesting thing about dark ambient and drone such as this is that it in one way is very similar to myriad other bands in the genre(s), but at the same time becomes unique through a special utilization of concepts and instrumentation.

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency (cudos on the use of “k” in “frekuency” – truly kreative!) is worth checking out – this release, as well as the back catalogue. At 3,33 GBP it can hardly be called expensive, and you get a whole lot of ritual droning for your buck. Support at once, and keep on dark ambienting in the free(ish) world! Get it from Sombre Soniks’ bandcamp.

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