A long, hard farewell

There comes a time in every soon-to-be middle aged man’s life when he has to make a choice. Should he keep running his non-profit music web-site, or should he try to learn two Finno-Ugric languages in the coming year, produce harsh noise, and play Magic the Gathering? Will Ixalan even find a place in Standard? These are difficult questions, fraught with ethical tension. In the end, I must go with what feels most reasonable and ethical: i.e. learning language, playing Magic (and returning to the study of ancient Chinese history). Also: fuck Twitter, and the vast plurality of monstrous jokes of human beings who dwell thereon.

For my final post (with reservation for the possibility that I might change my mind and start Archaic Triad up again), I would like to make a final point: go for the truly honest and obscure stuff, people. If you don’t know what “honest and obscure” is yet, then check out Sonologyst’s The Conspiracy Theory Dossier’swhich is an absolutely excellent album of dark, spiritual ambient, and the last piece of music to be mentioned on Archaic Triad as things stand. Dark Ambient is the gateway drug to harsh noise wall, and if  you get stuck on the former, you don’t need the latter. Some of us needs it all.

Either way, the future is looking bright for everyone who isn’t shit, and we need only fear that we may be just that. I’ll be back in smaller doses in the future, perhaps doing things that make more sense than this massive absurdity. Everything was always honest – if I hated your stuff, I never revewied it. Til’ next time: All pay attention to Him – The Triumphant Sun.


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