Submitting material for review

If you are an artist, a band, a publisher or a label who would like us to review a release of yours, these are the principles by which you make that likely.

1) To submit digital material, supply link/links to downloadable files, or a promotional area where such links are available. We do not generally review streaming music.

2) New and as of yet unreleased items are prioritized.

3) Physical items are prioritized yet more, since sending such out shows sincere dedication and is comparatively rare these days. We also like stuff.

4) Content is king, especially with digitally submitted material. Including promotional images, lyrics, band biography, discography or whatever else you deem helpful, increases the chance of you getting a release reviewed. It also makes the review better when you do.

5) Submit all material to To send a physical release, you also email us at with a brief description of your release (name and genre, minimum), and we’ll supply you with the snail mail address for the proper reviewer.